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Compilers For TS Developers

· One min read

As far as I can tell, there's a paucity of resources outside of academia for helping people understand compilers. It gets worse when you consider the resources available that are aimed at JavaScript/TypeScript developers specifically. That's why I'd like to write a course called "Compilers For JS Developers".

Here's a tentative outline:

Section 1: What is a Compiler?

Explain what compilers are on a high level. Include lexical analysis, syntax analysis, and code generation.

Section 2: Let's Play With the AST Explorer

Create exercises in JS, HTML, and CSS for developers to complete.

Section 3: Compilers In The Wild

Break down what happens when you run a TS compiling command -- doesn't need to be compiled to be executable since browsers have a JS parser. TypeScript, however, as a superset of JS, needs to be compiled to JS!