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· 2 min read

At Kafka Summit London 2023 some of us will be going on a run (or walk-- that'll be my speed!) and all are welcome!

Here's a picture of the participants from last year's KSL Fun Run:

Group of twenty or so people wearing running clothes and smiling.

Hopefully we'll see a crowd with both new and familiar faces this year!

The Details:

Who's invited: Anyone who would like to! We will have an experienced runner taking the role of lead runner, and I will be taking the 5k at a walking pace at the back. No matter your experience level, you'll have company!

Where will we start: We'll start and end at the Aloft London hotel. We've plotted a route here that can be broken up into sections. If you don't think you'll make it in an hour, you can turn back over the bridge. Otherwise, you can do the last 1.5km.

What time? We'll meet at 6:30am in the hotel foyer for pictures, and then take off at 7:00! If you're walking, it won't take more than an hour, so you'll be back at the hotel in time to get ready for more conference fun!

Ok, what day though? May 16th!

No Registration Required

This is not an official run so no sign-up is required! Just show up if you're feeling like exercising away some of that morning fog or jetlag :)