Hi there! I'm Lucia Cerchie

full stack dev

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I work with languages-- in many ways! I love to code in JavaScript and Python. I like to think of my code editor as a digital kitchen, or a virtual yoga studio. Once I open it, I enter into a space I associate with a state of flow, and with the satisfaction I get from a completed iteration.

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P.S. I also like to write! I'm an author at Darling Magazine (opens in new window).

My Projects ↓

Mars Photo Album

Mars Photo Album

This project raises awareness of NASA's presence on Mars. It educates the user about the data we have available to us and about the technology used to acquire the data. To learn more about my process, my tech stack, and why I chose it, visit my Github account.

NASA SpaceApps 2020

NASA SpaceApps 2020

This was a collaborative effort in response to NASA's Confront-Better Together challenge for the annual hackathon. My team and I built an app designed to help people practice responding to biased comments. To learn more about our project, view my Github repo.

About Me

Full-stack software engineer based out of Phoenix

Skill Areas

• JavaScript • Python • Flask • SQLAlchemy • Node • Express • jQuery • Git • AJAX Frameworks • Jest testing • Twitter Bootstrap • HTML • CSS •

Hi! I’m a software engineer from Phoenix, Arizona. I enjoy knocking out solutions in JavaScript and Python.

I’m eager to learn. I like putting in the work to find creative solutions under constraints. Of course, software development gives me ample opportunity to persevere and to think critically. It’s what I love about this field. I like the challenge of figuring out what causes unexpected behavior in my code.

I’m also a communicator. In my spare time, I’ve volunteered giving educational presentations at women’s events, and I’ve written articles for Darling Magazine, one of the first magazines that took a stance against retouching models. I've given a lightning talk on why most progamming languages index from zero. I love using my voice to teach and to build stronger teams.