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Hey there, welcome to my site! I'm Lucia Cerchie, a software engineer in the U.S.

My main experience is in JavaScript, Node.js, and GraphQL, and I like to break projects down and build them up in different languages or frameworks so I can distill the principles of web design from them.

That means that I've tinkered around with Golang in my free time. My favorite new frontend frameworks are Alpine.js and Tailwind.

Recent Projects

my portfolio site 🎨

Here's where the code for this website lives! I chose to use HTML + CSS only because this was a single-page-app, and the most complex functionality I needed was links. You can check out my resources in the README.

git cherry-pick tutorial 🍒

I wrote this tutorial to helps others learn to use the git cherry-pick command. Sometimes, when it comes to using git commands, learning by doing is best. But you don't want to just play around with one of your treasured projects and mess up your commit history. Enter my tutorial! Clone it down and play with git cherry-pick.

oclif cli 🖥️

Test your golang knowledge using a cli tool written in node! This is a fun golang quiz I made to familiarize myself with the oclif cli framework. I had a lot of fun building it. I chose TypeScript over JavaScript to keep me honest 😉, and went with the default testing framework so I'd have access to @oclif/test.


Blog Posts

My Family Solves a Code Challenge 🔨

This is a story about what happens when you give a software engineer, a mechanical engineer, and a toddler too much free time...

Why Do Most Programming Languages Count From Zero?

I'd been counting the number of days from an appointment on my calendar. "0, 1, 2, 3..." I muttered under my breath. Good thing I said it out loud, or I wouldn't have caught my mistake. That's what spending hours on array-based JavaScript challenges does for you! But why does JS index from zero in the first place? Join me while I learn some computer science.

What I Learned From Building REST APIs in 3 Different Languages

Building something in a different language gives you a bird's eye perspective that you really can't get any other way. Here's what I learned about REST APIs from doing exactly that.


Talks & Livestreams

The Practical DEV: Walkthrough Wednesday

On this stream, I joined The Practical DEV to talk GraphQL, providing an intro to using the GraphQL editor, creating a query, and more!

blog devto mock-up

Some Antics: Getting Started with Automated Accessibility Testing

I hopped on this stream with Ben Myers to give the old version of my old portfolio site an accessibility scrub-down!

blog some antics mock-up

Cincinnati Software Craftmanship: End of Year Celebration

I gave a lightning talk for Cincinnati Software Craftmanship, dissecting the anatomy of a GraphQL query.

blog csc mock-up